Young Achievers Awards Opener

To set the room tone for the Young Achievers Award 2018 gala Night, we were tasked to produce an energetic opener video that highlighted the scope of work of Reach A hand Uganda as an organisation and also the reason why they chose the Young people as their area of focus all wrapped up with the vision for The Young Achievers …

Get Up Speak Out

Incredible Media was hired by Reach A Hand Uganda to craft a dynamic engaging video of the 6 days 4th Annual Youth Health camp mashing up all the activities that transpired in the Health Camp Wich was dubbed “Get Up Speak Out. We also Shot, directed, and produced 13 episodes of the SRHR Theatre dance competitions as well as broadcasting …

Young Achiever’s Awards

We designed and created the award night graphics that were run onhe Event.
We also had a task to direct, shoot edit and produce the Award Night Gala
of the 2017 Young Achievers Awards, from the Red carpet moments,
performances of the various artists, to the giving out of the awards.
We also broadcasted the event live on the Young Achievers Awards
Social Media Platforms as well as providing a link to NBS TV.